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Natural fertilization


and sustainable development

A natural fertilizer with numerous virtues is gaining ground in France
"A natural fertilizer with numerous virtues is gaining ground in France".

Through combining yield, quality of productions, farmers’ autonomy and respect for the environment, the process invented by Marcel Mézy is proving to be a real player in sustainable development

For more than twenty years, Marcel Mézy’s process has been enabling farmers to put an end to the use of chemicals. By guaranteeing them equivalent or even superior yields and by improving the food quality of their productions, it encourages a return to the "farmer’s common sense" and to the respect of land values. From an economic point of view, it provides them with more autonomy by lowering fertilization costs but also operating costs: water savings, fuel savings, veterinary costs. It therefore contributes to the continued existence of farms and the regained pride of feeding mankind.


Some farmers’ testimonies about savings made with less or no more inputs thanks to the MM’s process marketed by Sobac (Trademarks BACTERIOSOL® BACTERIOLIT®):


CEREALS - Haute-Garonne - Farmer: Mr Gérard Bellecourt (FR)
"I’ve completely stopped any use of input, about 150 tonnes."

POTATOES - Pas-de-Calais - Farmer: Mr Alexandre Rivenet
"Amazing, my land is alive again!"


MARKET GARDENING - Ille-et-Vilaine - Farmer: Mr Emmanuel Dufée
"My vegetables are tastier and more resistant."


POULTRY FARMING - Gers - Breeder: Mr Alain Plancher (FR)
"I’m relieved to have totally stopped this dependence on chemicals."

DAIRY FARM - Mayenne - Farmer: Messrs T. Lebas, P. Jehan, S. Dayer
"Own masters of our work tool."


Extracts from an interview with Professor Marcel Mazoyer following a study performed in Bretagne’s dairy farms, and his conclusions on the use of Marcel Mézy’s process with the Sobac’s Bactériosol®/Bactériolit® technology.

More than economic advantages

M.M.: With Bactériosol® and Bactériolit®, we bring back microorganisms into soils and we reduce the spreading of chemical inputs that are aggressive for microorganisms. Bactériosol® and Bactériolit® restore microflora and microfauna that multiply and improve the composition of the soil.
The soil content rises in texturing organic matter. Vegetal microorganisms will be developing by absorbing excess nitrate that they will be mixing in with their own organic matter. The proliferation of vegetal microorganisms absorbs and fixes nitrates and the other mineral salts (together with carbon) that are therefore no more washed off or run off into groundwater then watercourses then the sea. All of this has a positive effect on the soil structure and contributes to the development of good-quality organic matter (humus).

Being economical and providing a massive cut in the use of chemical inputs, why isn’t this Bactériosol® / Bactériolit® technology more promoted?

M.M.: Because for fifty years we have forgotten the importance and role of microorganisms in soil. This was hardly taught at school and was almost no longer part of popularization. Mainstream science and technology have too much put this aside for several decades. However, the current period seems favorable to develop such a product.

M.M.: But we mustn’t dream. The interest of using Bactériosol® and Bactériolit® is still unknown by many people. This product has been understood and recognized only by a minority. But future should be brighter. We’ll have to correct the excess of conventional farming. Obviously, people will get more and more interested in the advantages of these innovative products. But there are still numerous impediments.

M.M.: But it’s normal! Bactériosol® and Bactériolit® have strong benefits for the farmer who makes input savings for an equal or higher amount of production. On the opposite, it is not in favor of traditional input dealers whose revenues drop when farmers come to the use of Bactériolit® and Bactériosol®. Not to mention that many cooperatives and other professional institutions are concerned too. These impediments are easy to understand.

Results of experiments performed by Sobac in partnership with scientists and institutions:


Mineral nitrogen (download PDF file - FR)
Mineral nitrogen reduced by half (Study ADEPRINA)

Measurement of the seeding with the Sobac’s concept
(download PDF file - FR) (Bactériosol® - Bactériolit®)

Comparative study between traditional fertilization and seeding with the Sobac’s concept (Bactériosol®-Bactériolit®) on wheat over 6 years
(download PDF file - FR)
Results (measurements done in the presence of the farmers) Conclusion

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