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Water-saving solution


and soil porosity

Marcel Mézy’s process leads to the optimization of water resources and a better resistance to face droughts.

By creating and developing its content in humus, MM’s process gives the soil more capacity to hold water while providing a better porosity.

Through improving the land structure, humus has a direct impact on the soil quality. A well-structured land lets water and air flow within the soil, providing a better growth of roots. The soil also holds water more easily while facilitating drainage when it is saturated after watering or rainfall. Humus acts as a sponge and stores 10 times more water in the soil. By providing more available water and for longer, it prevents plants from a lack of humidity in times of drought.

These effects are observed under different climates as many users testify it. For example, regarding cereal crops, corn cultivated on a soil fertilized with MM’s process proves to be more resistant to drought than crops fertilized chemically. In drylands, this power permits to optimize few water resources.


Some farmers’ testimonies about savings due to less or no more inputs thanks to the use of MM’s process marketed by Sobac (Sobac Users-trademarks BACTERIOSOL® BACTERIOLIT® and BACTERIOLIT CONCENTRE®):


FIELD CROPS - Pas-de-Calais - Grower: Mr Alexandre Rivenet
"Last year, I did not water although it was a dry year. The plants were not stressed. I just watered potato plots I’m renting where there was Bactériosol® for the first time. I did not have to water the plots where Bactériosol® had been put several times."


FIELD CROPS - Indre – Grower: Mr Alain Baillon
"In summer 2004, we had a period of drought and it rained in late August. On a plot of three hectares, in 98 I had planted alfalfa that had disappeared but that grew again!"


DAIRY SHEEP - Aveyron - Breeders: Messrs Jean-François Barthes and Patrick Privat
"We have a field where we had sowed a mix of cocksfoot, ryegrass and soft brome in September 2002. It has survived all droughts."


WINE GROWING - Maine et Loire - Growers: Messrs Joël and Bruno Dittière (FR)
"We’ve just crossed two years of drought and, in comparison with colleagues, there’s a better resistance of vines."

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