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for the health of all living beings

A natural fertilizer with numerous virtues is gaining ground in France
"A natural fertilizer with numerous virtues is gaining ground in France".

All that is necessary for life comes from Mother Earth. Understanding, helping naturally and respecting the functioning of this living universe are the key principles of the process

The quality of all elements composing the food chain depends on the health of the land, starting with the plants that feed humans and the cattle they produce for consumption.

What is particular in Marcel Mézy’s invention is the natural process that provides land a self-regeneration by the quick creation of humus and gives it fertility and balance. Now, apart from chemical aggressions, the land is also naturally depleted by any form of erosion.

Being a real nature’s ally, this process allows soils to produce the best fertility and yields but also the best nutritive qualities for plants. There are numerous findings about that.

A drop in mortality for the young stock fed with crops from the MM’s fertilization is one among other cases.

As far as market gardening and field crops are concerned, results are significant too. Indeed, in numerous crops, a rich content of vitamins and fibres, more flavors and a better preservation are reported.


Some farmers’ testimonies on their findings related to their crop quality, thanks to the use of MM’s process marketed by Sobac (Trademarks BACTERIOSOL® BACTERIOLIT®):


ORGANIC MARKET GARDENER - Ile et Vilaine - Grower: Mr Emmanuel Duffé
"My vegetables are tastier and more resistant."


MELONS-ASPARAGUS - Allier - Grower: Mr Dominique Marchal (FR)
"Concerning the flavor of melons, there was real improvement."


SHALLOTS-CAULIFLOWERS - Finistère - Grower: Messrs Cueff and Acquiter (FR)
"Concerning shallots, we gain in quality of preservation."


MEAT CATTLE BREEDING - Gers - Breeder: Sarl Pujol (FR)
"This year, 210 calves were born and only one or two were infused… Almost no more calf is ill"


CEREALS-BREEDING - Indre - Breeder: Mr Alain Baillon
"Life is back again. Where there was erosion, it’s over!"


Extracts from the interview of Michel Lepertel for Sobac, an independent nutritionist and specialist in cattle feeding:

Better food safety for animals and man

"Fodder-rich food rations (meslin/10 plants) that are theoretically rich in soluble nitrogen, generate a lower level of urea in milk. It is bound to the structure of the fibre but overall to its content in higher-quality proteins, which proves that a fodder produced with the Sobac’s process is much more digestible even if the plant is visually the same as if produced conventionally, because its components are radically different. Plants have more structure (fibres), remaining long enough in the digestive tract to ensure the digestion of the alimentary bolus through their energy quality and content in proteins. A 10 to12- point reduction in PDI (feeding pattern based on digestible proteins) is essential. All of this leads to a better cattle health with a better body condition, and a better breeding (less minerals needed and improvement of performance, nutrition, production, breeding, longevity)."

Extracts from an interview of Frédéric Porchez, an official veterinary at the UPRA RACE AUBRAC (from 1996 to 2011):

Less health issues

"Food has a big impact on the quality of the colostrum which is the first milk to be given by the cow to her calf and where the first antibodies are concentrated for the calf’s health and for his resistance to infections. Now, according to what all the breeders using Bactériosol® say, it protects and develops a natural and balanced flora whereas chemical fertilizers have devastating effects. With Bactériosol®, cows can provide their calf with a much richer first milk. I give you an example I know well, the Aubrac, where the best existing plants have become extinct because of chemical fertilizers. They were the plants giving selenium, iodine, in other words all the fundamental trace elements for animals. The plants offering the most health benefits are also the most sensitive ones. And the situation is disastrous in some areas. All the plants containing selenium have nearly disappeared when the selenium is the basis for good breeding and a good calf’s health.


Results of experiments performed by Sobac:


Vegetable crops and nitrates

- TEST ON LETTUCES: Spain - University of Cartagena (2002)
- TEST ON LETTUCES: France - Vert Marine for Coopagri Bretagne
- POTATOES: Germany – Chamber of Agriculture
- POTATOES: France - Midi-Agro-Consulting (1998)
- POTATOES: France - Coopérative Agricole de Vendée (1998)

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