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Solution for saline soils


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"A natural fertilizer with numerous virtues is gaining ground in France".

MM’s process is a solution to create fertility in dry areas with a high salt content. It can help the settlement of migrating populations in lack of food autonomy

The excess of salinity is one of the major problems of farming development in many countries (in the Maghreb for example), either because soils are naturally saline or as a consequence of too intensive crops on fragile soils. The results of the experiments achieved on the Moroccan and Andalusian soils clearly showed the effectiveness of MM’s process for natural and quick desalination of soils in those dry regions, and the optimization of their weak fertility potential.

In France, MM’s process resuscitated farmlands that had been damaged by the storm "Xynthia" in 2011. It very quickly reduced the level of salinity in the flooded lands and permitted to save the year crops.


The results of experiments performed by Sobac in partnership with scientists and institutions:


University of Cartagena

Tests performed by Sobac with Quaterna® (MM’s process) in Moroccan orange groves and in Andalusia on vegetables crops through the University of Cartagena:

Regulation of soils and decrease in salinity

Regulation of soils and decrease in salinity


Increase in the organic matter content and quick transformation into humic acids


MM’s process permits to reorganize and activate the natural cycles of carbon, nitrogen, and other nutrients coming from the bedrock and organic matter. It enhances the clay-humic complex and its ion-exchange capacity. It aerates soils by improving their structure. It mitigates the harmful effects of drought on plants, by increasing the water-retention capacity of the soil and its level of humus through an increase in the mycorrhization level of roots.


Some farmers’ testimonies having checked the positive effects of MM’s process on their disaster lands following the storm Xynthia (Sobac Users - trademarks BACTERIOSOL® BACTERIOLIT®):


ORGANIC BREEDER - Charente-Maritime - Breeder: Mr Jean-Louis Lièvre (FR)
"One year after Xynthia, I confess that our meslins were a good surprise, essentially because I had not used gypsum."

BREEDER - Charente-Maritime - Yves and Maryse Baudouin (FR)
"Thank goodness the Sobac helped us."


BREEDER - Charente-Maritime - Mr Jean-Patrice Mandin (FR)
"We have suffered the storm Xynthia and 80% of my lands have been covered by sea water."

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