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Fertility and environment
The power to fertilize naturally
all soils in any climate
by reducing air and water pollutions

An invention called "3rd agricultural revolution" by Professor Marcel Mazoyer*and based on an experience of 30 years

Based on the observation of nature, the process invented by Marcel Mézy is unique.
By controlling and understanding the action of aerobic microorganisms, it enables humification of all forms of organic matter and the quick development of humus production not only on any type of soil but also in any climate.

*MARCEL MAZOYER : Agricultural and forest engineer, expert in agricultural economy, professor at the Paris XI University, editor of the latest “Larousse” specialized in agriculture, professor emeritus of Agricultural Development at the National Agronomic Institute of Paris-Grignon. He was chief of the Department of Economy and Rural Sociology at the INRA (the French National Institute of Agricultural Research) (1972-1975) and president of the FAO Programme Committee (1983-1993).

Fertility and food autonomy for all through the spectacular fixing of carbon and reduction of salinity in drylands

By restoring naturally land fertility, this invention can create life in short terms and everywhere, thus keeping human beings in their natural environment together with protecting their health and the health of the land.
Today, it is one of the best solutions to combat the alarming decline of fertility in the world and the environmental problems generated by some forms of farming and soil natural aggressions for more than half a century.

Used by thousands of farmers in Europe

Since 1992, thanks to the process Marcel Mézy, the Sobac* company has offered farmers an alternative to conventional forms of farming. They are nowadays several thousands to have dropped chemical products with the feeling of recovering the "farmer’s common sense". By fertilizing their land differently, they mainly confess having regained some pride to work more cleanly to feed mankind. Their economic and agronomic results prove that it is possible to produce by combining quantity and quality together with the respect of environment.

*Founded in 1992, the Sobac has been marketing Marcel Mézy’s process under the registered trademarks BACTERIOSOL® and BACTERIOLIT® in the fields of agriculture, gardening and for collectivities. Since 1998, the SOBAC has been quoted by the ADEME (the Agency for the Environment and Energy Management) in its guide “product design and environment, 90 examples of eco-design” where it appears as the only product for agriculture and plants.

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